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My life would not have been the same without My Yoga with Tamar
- Andre Gregory, Legendary Theatre Director

Over the time Tamar spent with the Whitney staff, she taught us a tremendous amount, and we compare her to all our subsequent teachers. Tamar has a wonderful personality; she is encouraging and demonstrates the Iyengar poses clearly. As a group, we improved over time and were thrilled with our accomplishments. We still miss Tamar!
- Lisa Dowd, Whitney Museum of American Art

Henryk is an amazing teacher. His precise instructions and intelligent adjustments have enabled me to deepen my practice and improve alignment. Henryk empowers his students to seek joy and lightness on the path of yoga!
- Alexandra Rantzau, Mother, CEO, Artist, Warsaw

I want to do yoga everyday with Tamar Kelly. She is an inspiration. I have had MANY teachers and in Tamar I found someone who really helped me advance my practice. She is dedicated, patient, explains and shows poses so they can be understood and she also happens to be fun. She makes your yoga practice stay with you after you leave her class. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
- Sarah Paley, NYC

Lessons with Tamar have improved me mentally, physically and spiritually. She is a naturally-gifted teacher with passion for sharing the gifts of yoga.
- Gary Clarr, CEO Jana Partner Hedge Fund

Tamar has been conducting workshops and intensives at Yoga To Go for an extended period of time now and we always look forward to her visits. Over this time Tamar has flourished as a teacher. She is deeply committed to the practice of Iyengar Yoga and is at ease working with large groups or individuals. She always demonstrates a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. She is passionate, dedicated, friendly and always willing to convey her knowledge and expertise to assist students further their practice and understanding of the Iyengar method in a safe and nurturing environment.
- Romina Sesto, Studio Manager, Yoga To Go

Henryk is highly qualified teacher! He gave me everything what I know about yoga practice. I think there is no better teacher in Poland.
- Tomek Rozek, Yoga Teacher, Lublin

Tamar was one of my very first teachers that introduced me to Iyengar Yoga – it was 2003 and through her teaching I was inspired to explore my practice and gain an insight of the philosophy. Tamar has a way of explaining the philosophy that makes it easy to understand and adapt into the everyday. Tamar encouraged me and challenged me and it was through her ongoing support in class and on retreats (both in Sydney and Thailand) that I decided to undertake the journey of teacher training. She has continued to support me throughout my training by sharing her ideas and thoughts. I enjoy the ongoing workshops that Tamar runs as she provides a wonderful environment for students and teachers alike that integrates the how with the why as they travel along their yoga pathway. I look forward to joining many more of Tamar’s workshops and retreats.
- Nikki Little, All Seasons Hotel, Acting General Manager, Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Sydney

I do not know exactly why it is like this, but the longer I practice yoga, the more I am drawn to it. I think yoga has made me a little more joyful. I have become more at peace, healthier and more stable emotionally. It is difficult to figure out all the benefits yoga has given me throughout all these years. I started practicing yoga 16 years ago. I am now 76. I believe that for a person who practices yoga it is not important how old he/she is. He/she is young all the time. It applies to me at least. In our life we come across all kinds of obstacles and difficulties. Apart from physical strength life brings us also spiritual strength, helping us overcome life’s difficulties more effectively. I am a painter. I like painting very much, but continue struggling with it. I stopped being bothered by this struggle and now treat it like a normal condition – part of the process. It applies to yoga too. Art and yoga have much in common. Concentration directed towards the inner self is the major shared characteristic – being and working in constant concentration, consideration and calmness. Yoga has taught me how important posture is, how important life is, how important it is to repeat the same action until we are fully engaged, and how essential humbleness is. We have the opportunity to practice this anytime and anywhere. Of course on this journey into yoga a good teacher or guide is of utmost importance. Throughout all these years I have studied I have had a number of teachers, both Polish and foreign. I have found Henryk to be exceptional in that he teaches with such authenticity – I always have the sense he is trying to convey the teachings of the Iyengar family as purely and respectfully as possible. I first met Henryk at a workshop he was conducting in Ursynow many years ago. His teaching appealed to me instantly; his clear and simple explanations of asana’s, his modesty, calmness and warmth with his students. In Henryk I have found both a patient and precise teacher.
- Koji Kamoji, Artist, Level 3 Iyengar Yoga Student, Warsaw

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